The Best Soil Meters of 2022: Our Top Picks

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The best soil meters look at more than just your superficial properties. They consider factors like texture, density, mineral balance, moisture, and pH as they check how healthy your soil is. Earth is the most complex of all the natural materials we’ll ever encounter. It’s full of minerals and elements that are essential for life, but it’s also filled with impurities. If you are serious about gardening, investing in the best soil meter is worth your time and money. You will be able to avoid shoddy alternatives by choosing those which score higher on various metrics and get the best reviews. The best soil meters can help you fix your small garden problems before they become big problems.

What is a soil meter?

A soil meter is a device which helps you test your soil’s condition. It measures the grounds’ texture, water content, mineral content, and pH level. It is accurate to within a few percent depending on the brand and model you choose. These meters are easy to use, cheap to make, and don’t require special tools for installation. Most soil meters have a probe which you stick into the ground. When the meter reaches the center of the probe, it measures the amount of substance in the ground. The basic features of good soil meters include: An easy to use digital display adjustable to suit your preferences, and a high-quality housing which is designed to keep out the weather.

The benefits of using a soil meter

Soil meters can help you avoid expensive, time-consuming and often fruitless efforts to test your soil’s condition often in the fall and winter. They also measure your soil’s condition throughout the year and can give you valuable insights into how your soil performs in spring, summer, and fall. The best soil meters are designed to do more than just show you the results. Many models have a probe design which allows you to remotely measure soil moisture and fertility. This could be a real lifesaver when it comes to deciding on when to sow your spring seeds and deciding whether to till your fall-planted seeds or not.

Best soil moisture meters

The best soil moisture meters are those which are fully automatic. Most of these models can tell you the soil’s moisture content and report the results to you on a digital display. There are a few different brands and models of good soil moisture meters. The basic difference between them is price. The very best soil moisture meters are offered by the most expensive brands because they are specifically designed for professionals.

Best soil pH meters

The best soil pH meters are those which automatically determine the pH level in your soil and then give you a color-coding system to indicate the level of acidity or alkalinity in your soil. You can expect these meters to be accurate to within a few percent. Most soil pH meters are handheld. There are a few different brands and models of soil pH meters. The most common ones are with a probe which you stick into the ground. Most of the best soil pH meters are equipped with a light sensor which allows you to see the pH levels in real-time on your digital display. They are also equipped with an odor indicator which lets you know if there is a trace of decomposition odor in the air.

Best soil testing meters

The best soil testing meters are those which have been specifically developed to work with soil testing kits. These kits let you test for a wide range of properties such as the presence of certain minerals, the pH of the soil, the moisture content, and the nutrient content of the soil. There are many different brands and models of soil testing kits. The most common ones are with a pH probe. Also popular are the metal probes which are often used in water testing. Some soil testing kits also include instruments to measure specific soil properties and tell you the amount of plant nutrients in the soil.


The best soil meters of 2022 are the ones which are specific to your purposes. We’ve chosen the best soil meters that are the most accurate and useful tools when it comes to gardening – and can give you valuable insights into how your soil performs in spring, summer and fall.

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