The Best Bird Seed of the Year 2022

Given the state of the world and the challenges we are facing, it’s no wonder that people are turning to nature for solutions. This is especially true in the winter when everyone is feeling gloomy and dreary. Our feathered friends will be happy flocking to their feeders this season for some of the best bird seed for the year because it’s high in protein, vitamins and minerals. Here is a list of our top recommendations for the best bird seed for the year 2022.

Best No-Mess Bird Seed

There are a lot of seeds out there that make a mess when you spray them. This can be good for some species but not for others. If you’re trying to get your feeders to flock during an exact window, this can be a big problem. In some cases there may be an alternative to this seed that works better with their biology. When it comes to no-mess seed, several brands come to mind. These brands include Progressed Grain and Blue Buffalo.

Best Sunflower Bird Seed

There is no contest here. This bird seed is the best sunflower bird seed for the year 2022. It’s an excellent source of nutrition, which is why it’s number one on this list. While there are other seeds that provide a great deal of both taste and nutrition, sunflower is the only one that guarantees at least one type of nutrient in every kernel. Sunflower is also a good source of vitamin E, zinc, selenium, lutein and more. This is a very healthy type of bird seed.

Best Cardinal Bird Seed

Cardinals are smart birds that will find a way to make their way into your feeders. They are also known for their beautiful song. This is a good time to attract cardinals because it’s the mating season. You may even see cardinals laying eggs this season. This is a good time to stock up on bird seed. The best bird seed for the year 2022 will provide your feeders with some of the most scrumptious bird food imaginable. Cardinals love corn and other starchy foods so you may even see them eating feeders’ crumbs throughout the season. This is a smart bird seed that will give your feeders plenty of energy to tackle the challenges of the year ahead.

Best Bird Seed Blocks

There are a few different types of blocks you can choose from when it comes to bird seed. We like the round seed blocks because they are easy to store and travel with. If you are planning on storing bird seed for the winter, round seed blocks make great freeze-dried meal options. If you are more of a home-based seed dealer, you can choose from a variety of different shaped seeds. There are many different types of seed available and depending on your location, you may not be able to purchase everything you need in one go. Some people like to collect their favorite seed types so they can refer to them as they purchase other types of seeds and other areas of the world may not have everything you need.

Runner-Up Best Overall Bird Seed

There are a few different types of seeds that are both good for birds and people. These include omega 3 oils, flaxseeds and sesame seeds. We like sesame seeds because they have a nice, mild taste and are an excellent source of minerals such as zinc, iron and selenium. While all three types of seeds can be good for you, sesame seeds are the best. They are easy to store and travel with. They are also a good source of protein due to their rich buttery flavor.

WINNER: Best Bird Seed of 2022

Sesame is a great seed for lots of different things. We love to give our sesame seeds to our birds because they are such a good source of protein. But sesame seeds are also super nutritious! This is a tough one to pick just one winner for because there are several of good seeds that provide both protein and iron. We like to “power up” our birds by including seeds that provide both iron and protein. This is the perfect time to stock up!

One Last Word

Winter is coming and with it, so are the challenges. It’s important to get your feeders on the right track to make sure your birds are staying healthy and happy. A healthy bird is a happy bird and this bird seed will make great food for your feathered friends.

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